Dear Santa December 14 2015

Oh Golly. All of a sudden you can count the days until Christmas on fingers and toes. Even my baby girl can count them it is getting that close. How, and what exactly, happened to 2015. Is some alien being increasing the rotations of the planet on us? Things seem to be speeding up, the more I have to grow up.
It feels like just a few weeks ago I was madly trying to come up with 24 locations for our visiting Elf on the Shelf to hang out each day, to keep notes on my mischievous three and report back to the big boss in red… But that was actually 12 months ago. What has happened in between seems to be a blur of drops offs, lunch boxes, being late for EVERYTHING, a lot of wailing, a lot of washing and insane amount of snacks.
Honestly, that is about it. There were certainly some fun times. There were certainly some not so fun times. But mostly all I can think of is the rush. Holidays and a break from routine cannot come fast enough. Bring it. Lazy days, where I don’t have to worry I forgot to email in photos for news day, or discover left behind library books in the car when I am already an hour away from school or preschool. Hi-Five to everyone for getting through another year. We all did great. Let’s celebrate.


We are gearing up, as the kids are running low, exhausted after a long year of learning and growing. We are dragging them to the finish line amongst a hail of tinsel and glitter. They are knackered just when we want them to be most pumped, slinging them along to end of year celebrations for every known group and activity they have ever sneezed at. I gave up keeping an orderly December calendar. It is a shambles and my house, handbag and mind are not far behind.


I have been tallying, ordering, collecting and hiding gifts for nearly two months, so much so I actually cannot remember where some are stashed. I now have a list of gifts and a second list of where said gifts are hidden. I wish I had an Elf helping me…. Even just with the wrapping because I suck at those neat straight edges. I have actually been known to credit the kids with wrapping some presents, even if they didn’t, just to hide my uselessness.


Speaking of wrapping, last year I Martha-Stewarted about 30 metres of hand stamped wrapping with the children. Much paint, much laughter and much Christmas cheer went into it. This year, with returning to part-time work and a somewhat busier social scene I have not looked at the craft cupboard once. It is on the list. Along with making 40 odd jars of pickles and getting the kids to make something ‘unique’ for their teachers. Chances of it happening are about as likely as snow on Bondi Beach on Christmas Day. And I am sorry, but I am also not a Saint and there is only so much one can get done…
Sometimes keeping the ‘Spirit’ means just doing enough to tread water above all the madness of the month. I wish everyone well in this endeavour. I truly adore the carols, the good cheer and the wonderful sense of community that comes out at this time of year. I love the anticipation of the children, the counting down and making the Christmas wish list. Ours include quad bikes, a motor cycle jump and a unicorn this year…. Jeez I hope the kids are content with swags, new pjs and a farm yard play set!


Christmas IS all about the kids, but us mums don’t like to be forgotten either. So here is my letter to Santa…


Dear Santa,


I have tried very hard to be good this year. I have tried to keep a limit on ranting at those small people that constantly spill sticky stuff all over the just-cleaned floor, or leave Lego everywhere I need to walk, or just refuse to get dressed every day.
I have tried to build good souls, let them live, let them play and let them grow. I have tried to let them teach me as much as I tried to school in them a few manners and decent bits of behaviour (excluding when Elsie called a nice nurse ‘Doctor Bumface’ – that was pure Devil).
Please in return let me give the fun presents this year and get a bit of credit for all the hours spent colour coordinating each child’s wrapping, dealing with gridlocked shopping centres and stomaching Jingle Bells in the car for seven hours straight.
Please check my list six times for me… and help me not forget someone this year, I usually do.
Please do the groceries on Christmas Eve as well if you are keen… and please explain to Mr Four that we eat more than plain pasta and cheese on Christmas Day. Please let us have just one day without that argument.
Please let my children actually stop for a second to appreciate how lucky they are. Please let me do that too. Please let us value presence over presents.
I hope your day goes smoothly. That no one breaks a beloved toy within at least the first 48 hours in this house or any. That you and I both do not have to go near a cash register for at least three days and that somewhere along the line someone cuddles you with all of their being, so much that their eyes twinkle and fingers tingle.
That makes it all worthwhile.


Merry Christmas, safe travels and peace to one and all.


Love Penny xxx
PS If you are handing things out… I would love a bigger bottle of patience please… or maybe just anything nice that comes in a bottle (sparkling or scented), I am really not that fussy.