Treating toothy-peg troubles October 04 2014





















We’re up. We’re down. We’re grizzly. We’re grumpy. We’re unusually glum. Actually we are rarely down, you are permanently super-glued to my hip, arching with hysteria if I attempt to separate and put you down.

We are teething.

We all know the pain. The big pleading eyes. The fingers in mouth. Little hands tugging the ears. The sulking. The perfect unbroken nights of sleep suddenly broken. Frequently.

I know every mother thinks the same thing: Let me take your pain. Let me be burdened. But we can’t and we watch sadly and soothe, endlessly soothe, knowing there are umpteen little lumpy ivories yet to come through that will each wreak similar havoc upon our usually happy little humans.

It’s a right of passage thing. Progression from big gummed baby to big toothed toddler. I don’t medicate teething, unless of course the situation is extreme. We try getting out and about. Bribing with favourite foods. Lots of cuddles. Lots and lots of carrying around.

Distraction. We don’t try sticking our fingers in your mouth because that always results in tears – ours usually because goodness golly those little teeth are like needles and you are certainly keen to try them out and chomp down ferociously on anything that passes by.

What do you love most? My necklace. Grabbing as many beads as possible and jamming them in that tiny mouth. Sucking and grinding the ‘gems’ into your gums. Endlessly. Oh, the dribble. How could I forget to mention the dribble? Both our fronts are sopping. But there is peace.

The necklace however is not even damp. The beads unscratched. The colours still strong. That’s because it was built to go 20 rounds with a cranky toddler. It was made just for this scenario.

I say a little prayer to ‘Tiny and I’. You can always tell products created by fellow mums. They work. They survive. They bring pleasure to our little pleasures. And the best ones make us mums feel a little more stylish and a little more special too.

The silicone beads come in gorgeous bright colours destined to brighten any outfit, and are casual yet chic. They are washable, heat-resistant and of course non-toxic and the silver cord has a breakaway clasp.

Right now they are saving my sanity. And saving my little lady from biting her fingers to the bone. They make best gift for any new mum or mum-to-be or of course for the best mum you know – yourself. xx