Boys will be boys! July 14 2014


What is it with boys? Or maybe I should rephrase that to ‘what is it with my boys?’ All that stuff about frogs and snakes and puppy dog tails could not be more true with my bunch. If there is a nook to be analysed or a cranny to be investigated, they are there, peering under rocks, catching bees in their hands, scratching holes in the gravel driveway to make quarries for their earthmoving machinery.

In short, they are a-typical outdoor types. Of course it is what you would expect from two little boys with a big backyard - yes it seems the farm with all the paddocks and puddles, puppies and ponies is the perfect place to raise my lot. We would be no good in suburbia. People would hear all my banshee screeching for one.

I describe my parenting style as ‘free range’ and my children as ‘boomerang’. In other words, I release them into the surrounds each day and I assume (and hope and pray) that they will return, at some point, in a reasonable condition.

Generally I am fairly relaxed about their ‘Huckleberry Finn’ existence (until they empty their gumboots all over the kitchen floor…then I am like the raging bull from the top paddock), and I do try to appreciate their preoccupation with bugs, grime and all things creepy and crawly. Worms are to be cherished, dirt is to be made into mud and distributed from one end of the house to the other, and anything precious of mum’s (expensive cosmetics, treasured silverware, favourite jewellery) is to become an accessory in a fictional disaster/rescue situation where everything is salvaged - except said precious item.

Reptiles are the current obsession; crocodiles are lurking everywhere and quite often charge at my unsuspecting legs from behind the lounge. Meals are consumed in the same manner those scaly beasts devour a dangling chicken at the zoo, with a ‘SNAP’ and gnashing of jaws. And of course all escaping crocs must be wrestled, endlessly wrestled.

What sort of apparel – besides dressing head to toe in khaki – could satisfy these growing boys and their current zoological passions? Something covered in animals of course. Iguanas, toucans, leopards and even giraffes… Mini Rodini’s brightly coloured clothes come with personality plus. A lot like the mischievous munchkins that parade proudly around our ‘reptile park’. Made with organic cotton that not only feels beautiful but is great quality. The generous European sizing also means both my boys (almost five and a robust three) can share more than just buckets and spades. Do your mini-Dundees a favour and indulge their fixation with fauna with a brand that promises a safari on every outing.