Sleeping Like a (Royal) Baby June 12 2014

It’s way past Cinderella’s bedtime and all through the house, nothing is stirring, not even a mouse (thankfully - you can never be too sure on the farm). In fact my Prince Charming and our mini-Knights are all sweetly snoring, as is my little Sleeping Beauty.

The serenity is well, serene. Albeit likely to be short lived. The whole ‘sleeping like a baby’ fantasy has to be one of the biggest fairy tales of parenthood. As new parents you are bombarded with well-meaning questions like ‘is she/he a good baby?’ or ‘do they sleep through yet?’ I personally believe both those answers are often clearly evident by a) the state of my hair (either a dishevelled birds nest or an oil slick large enough to spur WWF into action to save the seals) and b) whether I am using toothpicks or tent poles to prop open my eyes and/or hold up my head.

Because as we are all learning, babies, toddlers, children and I suppose even teens (God forbid we ever get there) sleep as they please, when they please. Normally NOT when you have people over for dinner, are in the crucial moment of the season finale of your favourite show, or when your in laws visit. And while getting a baby to sleep through may feel like winning gold at the Olympics, I quickly found out you won’t get a podium finish every day.

With three kids under five I am often jolted awake by all sorts of post-midnight-mayhem – an itchy toe, an unquenched thirst, a strange noise outside, a bad dream that (insert villain: fiction, family or friend) took (insert favourite toy – usually a tractor in our household) and (insert destructive behaviour), all of which requires soothing, re-settling and holding your breath in the dark for what seems like an eternity until their breathing slows into that dreamy rhythm and you can sneak back to your cloud of bedcovers and collapse once more. Per chance all three master ‘sleeping through’ on the same night, then I wake feeling as mythically magnificent as a unicorn sliding down a rainbow, to bathe in the gold below.

Perhaps there is a link with linen. Cosiness, of course is crucial. Making their bed as loving and inviting a place as your own embrace is a nesting necessity. Quality therefore is imperative. Who hasn’t sweated away steamy nights in synthetic sheets, dreaming of Egyptian goddesses in multi-thousand-thread luxury? I know surely my offspring deserve nothing less.

Then there’s the décor of course. While for a comfort-craving cherub it may not be such an aesthetic decision, let’s not forget those of us who are bent over the cot, staring at the sheets and our little peas in the pod for hours at a time as we pat, stroke and lullaby away the hours until they enter the Land of Nod. We want something pretty to look at right?

Enter Olli and Ella’s 100% organic cotton cot and bed sets. Luxurious in feel, Lovely on the eyes. The Harlequin and Posey range come in a range of gorgeous colours designed to suit any contemporary nursery. As regal as it is English designed and made this quality bed linen will make any parent want to curl up in the cot with the kids. The patterns are understated and elegant, and will complement any castle for your little royal. The sets are practical too, with two fitted sheets and a reversible quilt, meaning you can update the look of your nursery just by changing the sheets. In a pretty palace of pink polka dots my princess is dreaming away, and I think I should slip away too, in case the spell be broken…