Heidi Walks straight to my heart May 30 2014


It’s all about baby steps this week. For me and it seems also my baby girl. I am embracing picking up the pen (or at least the keyboard) once more and Elsie, my youngest is embracing her feet, literally. Both of us are embracing the different freedoms now in our paths.

Like most cherubs her age (just shy of 10 months) life brings laughter to our Elsie. There is plenty of toddler tottering and terrorising going on. None of her brothers’ precious Lego cities, car yards or block towers is safe as she looms, Godzilla-like over their miniature worlds. In fact there’s a song in our house ‘Hurricane Elsie is up to something – what is she going to destroy today’.

Who knew she would be stepping about so quickly? While she is mostly still clinging to a pinkie or monkeying around the edge of the lounge, she is nonetheless proudly prancing around as if she has just conquered a pirouette on pointes. It seems the more babies you have, the faster they grow, from top to toe.

A dear friend gifted Elsie a magnificent navy set of All About Heidi’s ‘Heidi Walks’ sandals in her infancy. I adored them so much they sat on display in the nursery until her little tootsies could fill the soft leather slippers. Then she wore them day in, day out. Everywhere. With everything. Perfectly supple for first steps. She delighted in them as much as me, grabbing at her toes and playing with the neat little knots. Then all of a sudden they became a bit like a ballerina’s favourite pair, her toes all curled over. And I knew… we’d have to get another pair!

In this age of mass-produced, machine-made everything, there is something incredibly satisfying in holding and wearing something that is so beautifully handmade. They come in a rainbow of classic colours, to compliment every little girl’s wardrobe. The simplicity of these shoes is exactly what makes them so stunning, and why they are snapped up so quickly whenever Odds and Evie’s stash is restocked. I love that these are the little beauties my baby took her first dance in.  

Penny xo